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Reviving an age~old tradition by supporting women & their choices in childbirth and postpartum. 


What's New

Three new care providers join Renaissance!  We are happy to have Angi Gunther, Donna Estrada, and Marcia Strickland join our group. 
bullet Angi Gunther CD (DONA)
Labor doula
bullet Donna Estrada
Postpartum doula
bullet Marcia Strickland
Labor doula & Student Midwife

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New Babies

bullet Sabrina 8/24/03
bullet Sophia 7/26/03

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Doula Support Information

bullet Pre-term/Bed rest support
bullet Birth
bullet Postpartum
bullet Siblings/Birth buddy
bullet Cooking

Other services offered

bullet Deep house cleaning
bullet Postpartum house cleaning

All cleaning done with
'Earth Friendly' supplies. 


bullet Belly Casts
bullet Cloth Diapers
bullet Breast Pads
bullet Menstrual Pads

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Phone: (503) 493-7390


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